Washington DC – finally some sun

It had to arrive some time and we finally saw the sky today. The morning was wet but the afternoon was great, if a little bit too steamy.

We took the hop off/on bus today around the rest of town, checking out the sights we missed and avoided. We finally made it to the Capitol building and were happy to get there – very impressive.

Took some shots of Ford’s Theatre and other landmarks, but it was a great day to stretch the legs and get ready for NYC.

Train tomorrow from Union Station to Penn Station in NYC – almost a four hour trip. Early start to the day but it will be good to get in to town with the afternoon still to enjoy.

Hilton Garden hotel in Tribeca awaits, as does an inventory of places to visit care of Cath and Lee. Will be checking a few of those out. And all the commemoration ceremonies for 9/11 will be a reminder of the terrible day 10 years ago.

Take care.

Graham, J and Mitchell.