NYC – Tribeca and beyond

We arrived in NYC from DC on September 10 via the train to Penn Station. The train is a great way to see the country you miss up in the air on a plane. We passed through Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Plenty of flooding still around but the tracks were OK. We did see some of the less impressive parts of town, with plenty of semi-ruined houses being occupied near the train lines. It really does show the gulf between the haves and the have nots in this country.

Arrived at the station and took the taxi straight to the Hilton Garden Inn in TriBeCa. Great staff at the front desk (thanks PJ) have made the stay as smooth as possible. Once settled we ducked out for some lunch and headed straight for the deli across the road – sensational Roast beef, turkey, etc etc on rye. Did a little walking around the area to stretch the legs and then settled in for an early night.

Sunday was one of the most important for the residents and visitors of this city. We are pretty close to Ground Zero, but decided to watch the beginning of the services on the TV and then venture uptown later in the morning. Jumped on the subway and wandered to Central Park for a kick of the footy and a run around. Many people had the same idea and everyone was enjoying the sun.

Our never-ending search for the next squirrel for Mitch took us deeper into the park, where we found another specimen. Mitch said hello and we wandered off to the Natural History Museum. I am sorry but this was a waste of time and money – not after a visit to the DC museums – so those of you planning to go to both cities should save your cash and stick to the Empire State building etc.

Jumped back on the subway and headed back to the hotel for a rest until the evening. A quick trip to the bakery for Mitch (we go every day as he asks me “walk to bakery, Dad?”) and then more bird watching at the small park across the street. We even got time to check out Canal Street and some of the other discount clothes stores around the area.

Today was another great day weather-wise. The sun was out all day and not a hint of rain. We walked down Chambers to Rockefeller Park (via Stuyvesant High School) and checked out the create playgrounds and swings for Mitch. Nannies and mums out for their morning coffee and catch up. We then walked the whole way around via World Financial Center and Battery Park to Pier A. We checked out the queues for the Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty ferries. J and I have done it before, plus Mitch was sleeping, so we kept on trucking along.

Jumped on the subway to City Hall and then walked to the first pylon on the Brooklyn Bridge – something we missed out on during our last trip. Sensational views of the city and other boroughs of NYC. Bloody hot out in the sun but a drinks guy was always on hand with $1 water bottles.

Walked back to TriBeCa from the bridge, but stopped in at two great places. The first was the (Poster Museum – such a great place for classic advertising, art and other classic posters. My favourite was a Dutch TT race poster from the 1930’s for a cool $2200. The second great stop was the Square Diner on West Broadway where J had a cheeseburger and I had the hot corned beef on rye, each choice served with coleslaw, fries and a pickle. Mitch plowed through the fries and coleslaw and I gobbled up both pickles. We love the diner experience.

Tonight’s dinner was chinese food delivered from Linda’s just up the street. Love the chicken fried rice and the vege rolls.

1. Mitch is offered gifts wherever we go. Lollipops, donuts, buns, smiles – you name it and he seems to get it. Every woman on the street likes to give him a smile.
2. US Coca Cola is not as good as Canada Coke. Sorry but it is just not the best.
3. Aussie accent is very rough when you hear it come out of someone else’s mouth. Might switch to generic UK accent tomorrow.
4. Food, drink and groceries are very cheap here – even at the corner store.
5. Subway cars cleaner than I remember.
6. I think Google Translate was made for NYC, as we heard so many different languages on the walk today it made our heads spin.
7. TV here is great for a repeat lover like me.
8. TV ads for lawyers, drugs, medical assistant schools, drugs and lawyers litter the screen.
9. But I do love the drug selection at the pharmacy across the road.
10. Squirrels are everywhere – Toronto, DC and NYC are full of them!

So tomorrow we are going to catch up with some family, head to Macy’s for a bit of a look around and may even try to get uptown a little further to check out some more sights.

Will post some more photos soon.

Graham, J and Mitch.