NYC – sun, supermodels and actresses

Well the last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Plenty of updates.

A quick subway ride uptown to Macy’s was the first item on the yesterday’s agenda. Big discounts all over the store so Mitch has some new additions to the wardrobe. So much choice from so many designers. The store even has a McDonalds on the same floor as all the kids clothes – what a coincidence…

After Macy’s we went to the Old Navy store just around the corner, where J and I went mad and bought a bundle of basics – shirts, t-shirts etc etc. Such good stuff and also pretty cheap. Sales are everywhere in this town.

We stopped off at Crosby’s sports store after Old Navy to get Mitch a mini NY Rangers shirt – sensational. Decided not to purchase my own as my 15 year old shirt is still in good working order.

Lunch was taken at a small healthy-deli in Midtown, where most of the supermodels seem to hang out. Seriously, the streets are a buffet of eye-candy. We even had our own samples in the deli itself. I bet osteopaths in this town have plenty of work with all of the quick head turns. J was a better model spotter than me.

We jumped back on the subway to go back downtown to unload our bounty at the hotel, and let Mitch have a snooze. After waking, he dragged us back to the bakery across the road (again) and then we went on a further exploration of TriBeCa. So many cool eateries, clothes stores, furniture designers and some of the funkiest toys stores.

We even had our biggest star spot of the trip so far (#3) – Stephanie March of ‘Law and Order: SVU’ (DA Alex Cabot) – who had a chuckle and a laugh at Mitch whilst he played with an ornamental cow out the front of an eatery on Hudson Street. Sensational work. J missed the spot, but my star radar is always on.

(Star spot #1 was Deborah Byrne on the Virgin flight from Melbourne to Sydney. #2 was on the flight from Vancouver to Toronto when I was seated next to BC Lions RB Tim Brown)

Today was a day of outlet store shopping just off Church St, and some trinket shopping on Canal St. Great to be out in the sun and checking out the city some more. We also popped out to Queens on the N train to track down the family (after going uptown on the C train from just outside the hotel and then endlessly traversing the corridors, spider holes and caverns underground at 34th St station – thanks Google Maps you suck). But Mitch was a little unsettled, so we had to walk back to the Q train at Ditmars after dropping off a little present. We also checked out my grandparents old house on Steinway Street. The train took us straight back to Canal St and a short walk to the hotel.

Tonight’s dinner was some great Italian from Pepolino across the road from the hotel and then an early bath and bed for the boy.

We leave for London tomorrow evening, so again we say farewell to NYC and the US of A. Five years was too long. Thanks for the latest memories.

Tip: Do not get a haircut from a guy who is taking a call via Skype from his sister in Israel – using a headset connected to his laptop. Photo evidence will appear in the next few days. So so bad.

Photos of NYC will be upload in the next day or so.

GT, J and Mitch.