Washington DC – 2 days of rain

So the past two days have been full of rain. Floods, tornado warnings, wind, thunder and electrical storms have battered DC and the surrounding areas. Hit Google news and you will see the devastation.

So yesterday we tried to go to the Washington Monument but a massive storm hit town and left the three of us drenched. The rain abated and we ran for 20 minutes down The Mall back to our hotel to dry off.

After a change of clothes and a nap, we ended up visiting uptown DC, and wandered about to get our bearings. We also visited Radio Shack for the iPad camera connector (thanks for the tip Nick and Ange). Poked my head in to the Verizon Center and then we had some great sorbet – Mojito was my choice. A hamburger dinner (not Maccas) completed the night.

Today we decided to brave the wind and rain and jump in a taxi straight to the White House. The usual South Lawn pictures were taken, but it was a real buzz for all three of us. A walk to the White House visitors centre and then the National Aquarium followed the photo session, with Mitch screaming ‘Jesus!’ every time a fish swam towards him. He must have got that from his mother…

We walked to the Hop On/Off tourist bus stop and travelled to the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Both terrific – each for their own reason. The Lincoln Memorial was always something we wanted to see, and the Vietnam Memorial has some personal capital invested in it. Great morning for all of us.

After lunch we jumped on the bus again and headed straight for the Smithsonian museums of Natural and American History. These are both free, and made us wonder why the Aquarium was $10 for each adult. The museums are the best I have ever been to (other than the unbeatable Air and Space museum) and are a must for anyone coming to the US.

After the museums, we walked back down The Mall to the hotel, with the Capitol building in full view in the distance, unlike the previous day when the rain set in. This will be one of our stops tomorrow, with hopefully Georgetown and the National Cathedral also on our ‘done’ list.

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More to follow soon.
GT, J and Mitch.