Washington DC – rain on our parade, NO WAY!

We have now arrived in DC and it is great. Holiday Inn Capitol is perfectly positioned – so close to the museums, Washington Monument, Capitol, and other places. We even have the FEMA office connected to our lobby.

Mitch is just loving all the new sights and went totally crazy happy at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I think he was just watching his dad go nutso and followed suit. “Look up at the planes Dad!”

So much history just right in front of your face. Space craft, airplanes from the Wright Flyer to the latest commercial and military offerings including satellites, rockets and drones. So much to cover and so little time. Plus admission is FREE…

I apologise for the lack of pictures, but until someone tells me how to get my Sony Cybershot pics onto our iPad, they will have to wait until I can wrestle a business centre desktop from one of the high school kids staying in the hotel. Any tips would be great. I still love the iPad but this is a pain.

More Washington DC tomorrow but 10 inches of rain is predicted in the next few days and we will be dodging it the whole time. We did plan an afternoon watching the Nationals (baseball) just a short walk away from the hotel, but the first game of the series has already been rained out – bit of a shame. See how it goes.

Updates to follow. Pictures are a maybe.

GT, J and Mitch.