Australia to Toronto – 10,000 miles

We have now made it to Toronto via Sydney and Vancouver. Long plane ride and plenty of action aboard.

Virgin to Sydney from Melbourne to connect with the Air Canada flight to Toronto via Vancouver. Air Canada decided to split the three of us up, with Mitch being assigned his own seat behind us – great work Air Canada. After some tears and jiggling on board, a great bloke from Quebec swapped seats and gave us our own row of three. Thanks mate.

Then commenced 14.5 hours of tears screaming, tantrums and headaches. After 9 hours Mitch went to sleep, and we had a break. J and I were knackered and needed a rest.

Landing at Vancouver meant getting off the plane, clearing Customs, getting checked bags, checking bags in again, new security scan, then running around the airport again to get back on the SAME PLANE in the SAME SEATS! Well we had two of the same seats, with Mitch seated behind us again…

I decided to take the seat behind to save the shuffle for the small four hour flight, so I was seated between the starting running back and defensive end for the BC Lions! Great to chat to them both and find out their backgrounds and own paths to the CFL. Even weirder is the fact we are all going to the game on Friday night between the Toronto Argonauts and the BC Lions at the Rogers Centre (Skydome). Will be great.

The house in Toronto is great. Thanks to Sandra for letting us camp in her room for the duration of the stay. Updates to follow later and maybe some pictures if we can.